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What people are saying about Tanya and Cultivated Insights:

Keynoting the PEERS Conference for web developers, Austin, Texas 2018.

Keynoting the PEERS Conference for web developers, Austin, Texas 2018.

Tanya is an inspiring and relevant voice who has had a deep and lasting impact on me.

We originally met at a Women Grow event in Austin, where Tanya presented her unique card set activity created to identify various motivation styles. I used this game with my sales team, and it proved helpful for self-reflection and how feedback was exchanged in quarterly reviews.

A couple of years later, Tanya presented to my EO Key Executive Forum on Negotiation, DiSC Assessment, and Stress Responses. In real time, she coached someone on our team who was struggling and inspired us all to tap into innate resources based on our strengths.

Tanya’s consulting style is direct and diagnostic, while also being empathetic. She has developed tools that help visualize and digest complex ideas. Her energy is contagious, and I look forward to working with and following her research on empowering women and improving corporate environments worldwide.
— Kate Csillagi, VP of Sales - Enterprise, GRAV®
Dallas Young Professionals Training, 2016.

Dallas Young Professionals Training, 2016.

Tanya led an engaging session with my company’s newly formed women’s group to train us on DiSC types and negotiation styles and techniques. Her passion for educating women to be more empowered and effective negotiators is infectious. She even stayed later to help offer 1:1 support to those with additional questions. She is sharp, honest, and genuine which makes learning from her easy.
— Andrea Siwek, Senior Manager, Client Success Team, Iodine Software
If you want to get better at negotiation, work with Tanya. Her coaching and practical teaching techniques significantly improved my negotiation skills. I know how to prepare, evaluate, and close each opportunity. Her method is based on research, science, and a lot (a lot) of experience and is built around a code of ethics that really resonated with me. Of course, there is a bottom line. Did I actually get better at selling? In the 3 weeks since our sessions ended, I’ve 10x our custom business sales with terms that my company and our customers are happier with than before.
— Leslie Camacho, Chief Customer Officer, Pixel & Tonic