winning teams NEGOTIATE with heart.

That means learning how to have strategic discussions with purpose, personality and respect.

Being an Strong Collaborator MEANS you can make the seemingly impossible, possible. 

Our team loves helping people tap into this problem-solving ability. We have a seasoned professional history in supporting and developing leaders, and we’re also adult learning nerds. Whether we draw from our background in the military, politics, the arts, or legislative advocacy and organizing, we know how to help people get engaged and learn.

Cultivated Insights is dedicated to helping people thrive as whole human beings.

That means our workshops are built on supporting people in building sustainable, healthy habits. We deliver learning and development experiences that help members of your organization come along side their teammates through the lens of understanding how we learn, decide and stress out.

Meet the Team

Tanya Tarr

Tanya Tarr

Tanya Tarr is founder and President of Cultivated Insights. Tanya is also a writer and senior contributor to Forbes, where she covers negotiation technique, equal pay and the future of work. Over the years, Tanya has interviewed more than 200 CEOs, executives and women leaders making a positive impact in their industries.

Tanya is ranked as the #24 most influential voice on Twitter on gender equality and diversity, according to Onalytica. She is also founder of the Cultivated School, which offers on-going virtual workshops to entrepreneurs and careerists on the art and practice of negotiation. Her students hail from India, Nigeria, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. To date, 700+ people have participated in her workshops.

Tanya previously worked for 17 years on political and legislative campaigns across the United States, helping public service employees stand up for themselves and their communities. She also worked with military families and in national defense. Tanya has a master of science in performance measurement from Carnegie Mellon University. She is a certified master trainer by the Center for Effective Performance and is a certified coach via the State University of New York, Purchase.

Gus Rosa Profile

Gus Rosa

Gus Rosa is an associate practitioner with Cultivated Insights. Gus has had successful careers in the military, government, and IT thanks to his integrity, strategic planning skills, leadership and compassion. As a United States Marine, Gus was responsible for maintaining information vital to national security and developing young Marines as individuals and into teams to protect the interests of the U.S. government. Gus participated in operations ranging from the establishment of the Headquarters African Command (a U.S. command responsible for the continent of Africa) to providing security to the President of the United States. He has developed training programs that produced some of the finest Marines and has trained local nationals in foreign countries in counterterrorism and survival tactics. When Gus transitioned into civilian life, he brought assessment, future planning, leadership and discipline skills with him into local government where he quickly excelled in management and training, and gained a reputation for improving team performance and delivering results. Today Gus is a senior IT administrator on the team responsible for managing cloud infrastructure for more than 10,000 users who keep the City of Austin running. Gus enjoys solving complex problems and assisting others reach their aspirations in life. He manages a weekly Veterans outreach program which he founded, loves restoring classic cars especially low-riders, training Muay Thai and spends a lot of time outdoors and playing dolls with his two young daughters.

Anna Profile.png

Anna McGarry

Anna Beard is an associate practitioner with Cultivated Insights. Anna began pursuing dance, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Michigan in 2003.  Along the way she has danced and trained with a number of different groups, including the Kyrgyz National Ballet in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Movement Artists’ Guild and her own creation, AuxWerks.  Over her twenty years of teaching, a deep love of technique has allowed her to refine movement and give her students a strong foundation in a way that is both fun and rewarding, and that extends as well into corporate training.

Anna’s recent focus has been on instructing adults exclusively.  As adults, we often talk ourselves out of trying new things because we perceive it as “too hard” or because we’re “too old” or think we’ll be judged too harshly. Wouldn’t it be great if adults had a place to play? Not play in the entertainment sense, but truly explore both ourselves, and an activity, in the most innocent sense of the word.  This and the fact adults find swearing much more entertaining has inspired her to dedicate herself to creating accessible learning opportunities for those who think it is beyond their reach.