New year, new you! And that might mean negotiating a new salary, too.

We're kicking off 2019 with a new format! Back by popular demand, negotiation expert Tanya Tarr will be joined by Minda Harts, founder of My Weekly Memo, for an interactive salary negotiation session.

This class is for you if:

  • You're preparing for a salary negotiation

  • You're preparing for a raise or promotion

  • You're a recruiter or managers that want to hone their skills in goal alignment

Join our class on Zoom, where you will pair up with another student to practice being both the job seeker and the employer in two negotiation simulations. Extensive group discussions follow each round, where you will learn how other participants worked through their negotiation and what they found to be effective.

Before our class, you will receive a tactical and practical 30-minute+ recorded lecture (also available as an audio file that you can take on your commute or to the gym.) This session is taught by Tanya and brand strategist/former recruiter Erica Breuer.

The lecture breaks down different scenarios and the best ways you can construct powerful and credible leverage. This strategic insight will help you avoid unnecessary concessions - whether you're the job applicant, recruiter or HR Manager. 

Agenda for our Tuesday, February 5 Class:

  • Watch or listen to the recorded class before Tuesday, 5 of February!

  • On 20 of January, log on for a quick recap of the lesson

  • Pair up for Round 1: The Hottest Job in Tech

  • Debrief Round 1

  • Pair up for Round 2: A Start-up Job that Needs You

  • Debrief Round 2

  • Final Q/A

Learning Objectives:

  • How to anchor and re-anchor in a salary negotiation 

  • How to construct appropriate leverage (for both sides, job applicant and employer)

  • How to ask questions to surface values and motivations

  • How to create magnetic leverage, aligned on values

What people are saying about classes with The Cultivated School: 

"It's super to be able to access training without having a waste precious hours traveling.  I am a very, very busy working mother so the format was perfect for me."

"It was such a powerful experience to be connected with 15 people from several countries. I've looked at online classes from other negotiation coaches and all the ones I could find were recorded so there would be no interaction, but this class is very interactive and I feel much more equipped and confident now."

"Each time I have done these workshops, I have had a moment of self-discovery and a self-confidence boost. I think these classes should be a requirement for anyone working in the creative industries or self-employed!"

"Tanya helped me learn the tools I needed to increase my salary by 25%. She literally helped me make £20,000 in one negotiation."

You MUST agree to the privacy and community standards of our class, which require you say "yes" to the questions offered to you during registration. Registration to this class means you also agree to opt-in to future notices about other classes and inclusion in a bi-monthly newsletter. Your data is never, ever sold and your privacy is important to me.

Participants must have access to strong internet connectivity or WiFi and access to a web camera, iPhone or tablet with camera in order to fully participate. The event organizer reserves the right to select who may participate in the class.