Do you know how we can truly make progress in closing the gender pay gap? Ensure that women are equally represented in positions of power in the workplace. We’re talking about women as founders and funders, women in boardrooms, women as executives, etc.

This Equal Pay Day, we’re flipping the script and instead talking about equal power for women, which ultimately leads to equal pay. Join PayScale at our headquarters, just south of Pioneer Square in Seattle, for #EqualPowerDay on Tuesday, April 10.

We’ll hear from three speakers, each of whom will focus on a different way for women to claim power in the labor market. We also acknowledge that April 10 isn’t even the correct day to recognize the lack of equal pay for women of color. We’ll talk about that, too.

Attendees will also receive complimentary swag from PayScale, free breakfast and an on-site coffee bar for your morning caffeine fix. Doors open at 8:30am, and we'll get the panel and broadcast started promptly at 9am.

If you can't be there in person, you can still join us via our live Facebook broadcast where you will be able to watch the entire presentation and submit your questions to our speakers. Join the facebook event now to be notified when the broadcast begins. Our featured speakers this year include: